For laundry

If you do laundry, you will need some 100 yen coins.

For washing machine You need to pay 100 yen once.


This auto vendor is a one hour timer. When doing the second wash, when you put a coin in while the red light is on, the auto vendor cannot recognize the coin. In this case, the washing machine will stop working midway.

Therefore, the next wash cannot be done until the red light goes out. After insert your clothes and a cup of detergent, close the lid, press two buttons, and your laundry will be done in about 45 minutes.

For the dryer

You need to pay 100 yen for every 15 minutes. This auto vendor can keep counting coins. So you can insert coins continuously.

Most drying will take about 45 minutes. After loading the laundry and closing the dryer door, press the two buttons.


The dryer may alert you when you insert a coin. In that case, with the dryer door open, press button 1 twice. The alert will be cancelled.